SEE Electrical

SEE Electrical 8.1

Creates and modifies documentation for electrical circuits
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Generate electrical circuits and drawings in the suite with a set of tools for creating and adjusting layouts and parameters. Visualization features enable quick rearrangement of components. The program stores all revision history with an option to revert to a backup.

SEE Electrical is an application designed for electrical engineers; it offers support for the creation of electrical systems and electrical wiring projects.
The program offers a complex set of functions and toolbars which provide access to all the elements needed for the creation and development of this sort of projects. Therefore, users can create new systems from scratch by accessing and manipulating the main sections of the application which display, in their turn, the subsections of the program. The most important subsection for the creation of new projects is the "Workspace" which can be accessed from the "Home" section. Coupled with the toolbars located on the upper side of the display screen, it contains the symbols, components and commands needed for the development and management of a new project.

The tool can also be used for the visualization and administration of already-built electrical systems and electricity-related documentation, meaning that users can import AutoCAD drawings in DWG, DXF or DXB formats which will display electrical systems, their various layers, elements and properties. Users can simply visualize or modify them using the available functions, according to their needs.

All in all, SEE Electrical is especially created for electrical engineers who can manipulate this tool to create and administer both simple and complex electrical systems. The interface is intuitive and allows users to easily access and use its functions.

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  • Electrical wires, components, cable cores,parts, contacts are offered by default
  • It supports DWG, DXF or DXB files
  • The possibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously


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